Vegetables have a high mineral and vitamin content that you don’t want to lose when cooking. If you do not eat your vegetables raw then it is advised that you steam or boil veggies in their own juices for as short a time as possible. If vegetables are boiled for a long time in a large amount of water they will lose their nutritious values. Try to refrain from peeling your vegetables as many of the vitamins are contained directly under the skin and will be lost when peeled. Remember not to overcook, not to eat canned vegetables and to store your veggies correctly to avoid any loss of nutrients! Fresh foods are always the best…

An intake of about 280 grams of vegetables per day per person is considered essential for maintenance of good health. Of this, leafy vegetables should constitute 40 per cent, roots and tubers 30 per cent and the other vegetables like brinjals, ladies fingers the remaining 30 per cent

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