True Foods: Dr. Weils and Fox Restaurants Concepts: Biltmore Restaurant.


True Foods is the creation of Dr. Weil and Fox to create a new improved green establishment for healthy food with some flair.  The Place was very cool, design very clean and cool.  The bathrooms were my favorite part of the entire restaurants with the green no flush urinals and the Dyson air dry your hands.  What a great concepts to keep the environment safe and to save tons of water.


The Food: I had the steak tacos, the steak was delicious and was to be of good quality, not sure if it was grass fed and the corn tortillas was a disappointment considering most people are have food allergies to corn.  Overall the steak tacos were a bit dry and the side of beans that came with the dish wasn’t the best.  I hate it when people go ½ way when it comes to truly educating the public and the people with their health.  I thought Dr. Weil would of done better with this one.  I also had a bit of the pizza can’t remember which one though it was good, but again I asked the waiter if it was made with all organic spelt flour and no it’s not just partial.  Come on I understand you have to keep the cost down, but don’t try and trick the people that expect the best when it comes to being healthy.


I wouldn’t necessary put this restaurant on my favorites list though I think it may be a place to get a bit to eat for lunch once in a blue moon.  I hope next time the dish I choose is a bit better and less blah tasting.


Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland.  If you know what you’re doing in the kitchen you would be amazed about how tasty and delicious food can really taste.  



Figure 1: Dr. Weil True Foods Restaurant at the Biltmore


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