Did you know if you ate more veggies you would have:

  1. Stronger Bones
  2. Healthier Skin
  3. More muscles (well if you exercise)Love veggies
  4. Clearer Mind
  5. Reduced Inflammation which would give you less pain, aches, etc.
  6. Stronger Body, Mind,
  7. More Stamina
  8. Faster Recovery
  9. Younger More Youthful Body
  10. Improves weight loss
  11. Better Digestion
  12. and the list goes on..
  • Do you consume enough vegetables in one day? Your goal should be 1 serving every meal and if your following the correct meal plan that’s at least 6 servings of veggies a day.
  • Vegetables is the number 1 food you should consume. They have the most amount of nourishment with providing the least amount of calories. Home run food!
  • Wow that sounds like a lot, though it’s not necessary easy to do what’s right. Follow the righteous path and you will always end up where you want to go.
    Love yourself more and EAT MORE VEGGIES!