Poor physical health leads to poor mental health. When you let your body get out of shape, your mind will soon follow. You will become tired more often and it will become harder to make even the simplest of decisions. The brain is a complex and vital machine that requires a significant amount of fuel to operate properly. The complexity of the brain and how it works is not easily explained, and there is still much that we do not know. We do know that the brain uses chemicals and neuro-receptors in its process of functions. The brain is the epicenter of our experiences, perceptions, emotions, reactions, clarity, memories, and comprehensions. These important brain functions can suffer immensely when the fuel needed is not made available to the brain.


Some people believe that the loss of mind clarity is just a part of aging, but people of any age can experience a variety of mind clarity losses across a wide spectrum of levels. The various levels of clarity which when affected by poor mind health, most often manifest into confusion, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, difficulty making decisions, and the inability to distinguish between safe and unsafe behaviors or events. These affects of poor mind clarity can seriously impact your quality of living and even become life threatening in some cases.


Exercise can reverse the affects suffered by many elderly people, and mind health and clarity can be improved. Exercising regularly can also reduce the amount of clarity that will be lost naturally through the aging process. Younger people will also benefit and improve their mind health with regular exercise.


Exercise encourages an increase in the production of chemicals which fuels connections with neuro-receptors that the brain uses for mind health. The brain needs a hefty amount of these body chemical fuels to make those connections with neuro-receptors. When there is not enough chemical fuels, neuro-receptors panic and make the closest connections possible, and this can lead to mistakes across all levels of brain functions.


The central nervous and immune systems of the body are just as miraculous in their functions as the brain. They send messages to the brain and to other organs throughout the body with explicit instructions on how to combat bacteria that has entered the body and how to repair the body when injured or sick. The central nervous system controls vital functions such as breathing and heart rate and also sends the brain physical and emotional sensory information such as the degree of pain felt when the body receives a blow or the shockwaves created in the rest of the body upon witnessing or experiencing a crisis event. The miraculous trio of brain, and central and immune systems also regulate the production of chemicals in the body. It stands to reason that the healthier this trio in your body is, the healthier the trio of your mind, body, and spirit will be.


Everyone should exercise at least 3 times a week in order to produce enough of the body chemicals that are used to fuel complete clarity for the mind and mind health. Aerobic, and strength and conditioning training are the best at encouraging the body to produce more of these body chemicals. Exercise programs can be tailored for any age and/or physical restriction so that most anyone can receive the mind health benefits of exercise.


The elderly can reverse much of the adverse affects of diminished clarity of the mind and mind health they suffer through exercise. Adults can exercise now to reduce the amount of clarity and mind health that can be lost as we age. Children can exercise to keep their mind healthy and at its best as they are growing and developing, for better school performance and the cultivating of strong self esteem and coping skills.