Yes, Yes, and Yes! We our responsible for our waist line during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the before New Year’s bulge. Studies show that we put on 2/3rds of our yearly fat during the holidays as opposed to any other time of the year. Well with the numbers rising on how fat we are as a country and as a world, makes you wonder why. We have more diets, more so called experts, more nutritious food, and more exercise programs, so why the hell are we so fat and so unhealthy as a nation?

Maybe it’s what you’re doing to yourselves, instead of celebrating health, family, and friends, we celebrate with big social events loaded with junk food and then not going for walks, jogs, lifting weights, or doing any sort of physical activity with our friends. We choose to stuff our faces with junk food loaded with hormones, pesticides that are deficient in nutrients causing our stomach to be full without nourishing our bodies, making us want to go back for seconds and thirds and then dessert.

Well of course this all sounds easy, though you want to be fit, you want to be healthy, you want to look amazing, and feel amazing, well you must make some lifestyle changes and choose being healthy. Make the choice to stand up to your friends and suggest events and celebrate doing things that are more positive with your bodies and mind. Like instead of going out on the town drinking you go for a hike instead, or a bike ride, or go to the gym, hire a trainer to train you and your friends. Intead of drinking, and eating junk food, buy organic food and make delicious healthy meals, if you don’t feel qualified enough to do so, hire a chef to teach you how to cook with organic foods or start watching the cooking network. Eat fruits for dessert, choose good qualty healthy organic free range beef, chicken, lamb in place of low quality hormone ridden meats. Learn to cook vegetables into an amazingly delicious healthy meal.

You can make choice. You can help make this world healthier and while doing so you may benefit by living longer, having better skin, looking even more amazing, losing weight, all the while feeling incredible. Now these are the real things you want to achieve and no pill or cream will get this as much as taking care of your beautiful mind and body in ways of eating and exercising properly will.

So yes, you can achive anything. You can become or maintain being fit and healthy during the holidays, just make the choice to celebrate great health and fitness. Believe me you will thank yourself more times if you do choose to be different and expect more of yourself.