I am very disapointed in Fitness America. What the hell is going on? Are these contests rigged? Are the contestants putting out, and this is why some of them rank so high, because it is getting a bit ridiculous. I have talked to many of the show’s competitors that criticize and complain about the contest’s authenticity. I have even seen competitions where the audience has booed the judges results.

I have a friend who competed here in Arizona, won 2nd place and still has not received her trophy. Fitness America does your word mean nothing? Are your promises empty?

It is no wonder why bikini models, fitness competitors, and figure competitors get so sour from competing in these shows, more and more women seem to get screwed out of their proper positioning, scoring lower than they should. Is Fitness America returning favors, allowing for some competitors to score so highly?

I understand that not everyone can win, but I have seen some of the top placing contestants and they have been a joke. How can you consider it a fitness show, when some of these women obviously haven’t worked out a day in their life. Hell some of the finalists had flabby asses. Come on!

Is Fitness America turning into a joke? Are they Fitness America or hey I promote and play favorites even if you look like crap? Fitness America Get your act together because soon you will have no one wanting to compete in your shows.