Are you eating genetically modified foods? Do you
know how safe it is?

Take time to watch this videos for the health of
yourself, your family and our country.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3:

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Part 6:

Please watch these videos send all your friends to check these videos out.

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For additional resources you may want read more about GMO Foods:

Please take action by contacting both of your Senators
and your Congressman and demand that legislation be
passed that requires all geneticly modified foods be

Additionally, contact the following:

And consider sending a letter simular to the following
form letter. This letter can be customized to send to
McDonald’s or any other company that you would choose
to use. If a company such as McDonald’s chooses to
not use genetically modified foods then all of its
competitors will make the same choices.

Dear Sirs,
It has come to my attention that you utilized
genetically modified foods in the food products that
are marketed and sold in your locations throughout the
United States.
With this email I am hereby notifying you that
because know facts concerning genetically modified
foods and the FDA not looking out for my best
interests as a consumer, I will no longer purchase any
food items from your stores.
I will continue avoiding making any purchases from
any of your stores until a statement is published in
each of your stores stating that genetically modified
foods are not used in any of your food products.
I am writing this email to encourage you to review
the following publications as well as others:

Upon obtaining the facts, I am sure that you will
take actions that will preserve the integrity of your
organization and the health and safety of your
And at that time I will return to being one of your

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