Ultimate Frisbee, often referred to as Ultimate, is a fast as well as exciting non-contact, team sport, played by people of all ages and skill levels. The game had its beginning in 1968 when a group of students from Columbia High School played on a parking lot at their school in Maplewood, New Jersey. Later, the game became more popular at the college level. However, it was on Nov 6, 1972, that the first intercollegiate Ultimate Frisbee game was held and it was between Rutgers and Princeton, in New Brunswick, NJ. Ultimate Frisbee is now not only an important part of high school as well as college games but also an important game conducted by highly competitive clubs. Additionally, the game has become popular all over the world and is played in more than 40 countries across the globe.


Ultimate got its name from its central idea ‘ultimate spirit of the game’ which in turn represents the greater degree of sportsmanship involved in the game. Ultimate is usually played with a flying disc known as a Frisbee, and the sport combines the best features of some of the more prominent sports such as basketball, football, grid-iron, netball, and soccer. Like football, Ultimate’s goal is to score the maximum amount of points by passing the disc into the opposing end zone.


The rules regarding Ultimate Frisbee are:


  • There must be two teams with seven members on each team, however, in some instances, the game is played with as few as two team members


  • The game field must be rectangular and also must have end zones at either end. Mostly, the field is of 70 yards by 40 yards. In addition, the UPA (Ultimate Players Association) requires the end-zones to be 25 yards deep while the WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation) requires it to be 20 yards deep


  • The game begins with each of the teams lining up on the front of their respective end zone lines.


  • The play usually starts with a long throw made by defense to offense.


  • Players can throw the disc in any direction, however they are not allowed to move with the disc.


  • Throwers are given ten seconds to throw the disc.


  • Whichever team first scores a predetermined number of points, typically 15, will win the game.


  • The game lasts for one hour and 30 minutes or whichever team first scores the predetermined points. 


  • Physical contact is not allowed between players. Likewise, the usage of screens and picks are prohibited.


  • Ultimate Frisbee is strictly required to adhere to certain rules and regulations put forward by organizations such as the UPA and the WFDF.


  • Both teams have one time out each half.


  • Substitutions of players are allowed in situations prior to throw-offs and in between goals scored. In addition, substitutions are allowed in order to replace a player injured in the game.


  • The game is self-refereeing i.e. players themselves adjudicate disputes with regard to possession and fouls.


  • Above all, Ultimate Frisbee can be played both indoors and outdoors. Further, it can be played by anyone: male or female.


The game requirements of Ultimate Frisbee are:

  • The capability to apply maximum muscular contraction such as jumping for the disc and sprinting to free space.

  • Agility – a player’s capacity to control bodily movements in both stationary and moving.

  • Equally important is balance.

  • Hand-eye coordination.

  • Strength as well as strength endurance, and endurance with regard to local muscles and the cardiovascular system.

Ultimate Frisbee is a great game, to watch and even more fun to play, however if you’re not interested in joining a local team, start a game up with your friends at a local park. Just imagine how much fun you will have and what a great cardiovascular workout you will be getting at the same time.