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Having Fun with Hula Hoop Exercises



When we are talking about the hula hoop, let us start at the very beginning. How did the hula hoop get its name and when did it originate? You can find mention of the hoop as early as the Greeks, who used it as a form of exercise. At that time the hoop was made of grass and wood. It seems that "hooping" reached Great Britain as early as 1300 AD and became quite popular when British sailors "found" Hawaii and experienced the hula danne, they somehow paired it in their minds with the hooping and from then on this became the hula hoop.


The popularity of the hula hoop however is owed to a team of two innovating toy company owners, Arthur Melin and Richard Knerr. In 1948, these two gentlemen were profiting from selling slingshots and specialized in finding ancient contraptions that could be used as toys; they were highly successful with the Frisbee, slingshot and later the hula hoop. When the latter hit the market, in 1958, at the price of $1.98, it sold 20 million in the first six months. In this period, for about a decade the hula hoop was a hot favorite worldwide.


Exercising With the Hula Hoop


There are many benefits you could get from exercising with the hula hoop the best of which is weight loss as this one exercise, which is as effective as it is fun. Most people do not like exercising because they are boring and mundane. However, with the hula hoop there is not one dull moment. Only fun and great results.


Many people do not know how effective the hula hoop is particularly for those who are fighting the extra bulge and look for a complete fitness routine. The hula hoop provides the body flexibility, fitness, weight loss, mobility and coordination. Name any other one exercise that can do all these at once. You could start with the simplest of hula hoop exercises and graduate to the most advanced ones enjoying every step on the way and benefiting from it in ways you never thought possible.


Do not shy away from these exercises thinking it would be difficult for you to learn to hula hoop. It is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, it is not difficult at all. The best part of the beginning (learning) period is that it makes you laugh, which is something that no other exercise can say it does.


The Areas That The Hula Hoop Can Help You


There is no area that the hula hoop doesn’t help with when you do it regularly. However, this is especially useful for those who have been unsuccessful with weight loss regimes as well as reducing/ eliminating love handles. Where and when all other exercises fail, try hula hooping and you can see the difference in as little as two weeks.


You would be surprised to learn that hula hooping can also build a phenomenal eight packs for all those who are interested in developing these muscles.  It also improves your back muscles and eliminates back pain.  Among other parts that the hula hoop benefits are the shoulder muscles, chest muscles, thighs and calves. It also helps to reduce the fat and firm the buttocks.


Some Tips to Help You Learning the Hula Hoop


There are many people who are scared to try the hula hoop because they think they would not be able to master it, in the process look, and feel ridiculous. If you feel this way, here are some hints on how to make the learning session interesting and stimulating:


  1. Gather two or three close friends who also would like to join you in this endeavor. When a few people get together it is not only a lot more fun learning to hula hoop, but one keeps encouraging the other and in no time you would find that you can hold it up and hula hoop successfully.


  1. Put on some music. With music, the whole exercise becomes even more stimulating. It is also much easier to swing away your hula hoop.


  1. Keep the initial sessions short and sweet. This would encourage you to get back to it every day instead of exhausting you.


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