Being a successful trainer and business man I get news shows, radio
interviews, talk shows, and other media sources and being on it publicizes
my business and gets me in the public eye a ton more.

Well trainers ask me this question all the time, How do you do it?

Well here goes my secrets..

Being that my website is ranked so high that gets me tons of publicity and
news, radio, and other pr stuff, and of course I designed a program how to
do this:

if you want number 1 rankings in
your area to be found than this is the way to go.. Works like a charm.

Other ways are important as well.

Like sending out press releases, is a great way to get in front of the
media's eyes, get there emails, do call ins to radio shows, you really got
to get your name and business out there.. Do things that are news worthy and
they will jump on the line to call you and put you on there show. Offer
give always, contest and other news worthy things.

You want to make sure your always promoting yourself and constantly doing
things that get you notices and your business noticed. Sending news
releases, like helping out with a charity and than call the news station to
get them involved, doing crazy stuff like that.. Jack Lalane and Arnold
Schwarzenegger are pro's at this, just check out some things how they do
this.. On a larger scale Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and other celebrities
do amazing job at promoting themselves by controversial subjects, making a
scene, and the list goes on.. Either they have an amazing publicist which is
always great to have to help promote you or you do this yourself, and you
work hard at this all the time until your in a demand everyone wants to know
what's going on with you

Start off becoming larger than life in your community and get the media
involved by calling, emailing, and sending out a press release… So they
know what your doing and will publicize you on there show, radio, magazine,
or newspaper.. Don't hesitate to get a hold of them, don't wait for them to
find you.. Find them and get in there faces and soon they will be calling
you, once your in there system and If they like you.. You will continued to
get in the lime light.. All about supply and demand.. Be the best, have a
great personality on camera, charisma, energy, and make yourself the media
person in your area.

cool to all your success. You can find far more on this subject to market
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