Many people are over-worked, over-stressed and over-eating on a daily basis. These factors lead to tired and generally unhealthy individuals. Is it any wonder when the lights get turned down low that all we want to do is close our eyes and sleep, instead of being intimate with our lover?

The answer to this dilemma is right in front of us – exercise. Exercise is a well-documented way to lose excess fat and increase muscle. When our bodies are healthy, they tend to be able to “go with the flow” throughout the day and not become overly stressed and tired. With more energy and a better outlook emotionally, individuals will have a desire to engage in a healthy sex life.


In recent studies conducted by scientists, it was discovered that in individuals with poor physical health and unstable emotional health, it is much more likely to see sexual dysfunction. Poor physical condition and negative feelings plays a big role in our sexual relationships and how well out sex life is viewed. Since negative moods taint our overall feelings of well-being, it inevitably is a detriment to our sex life.


So, this can be said about exercise and your sex life:


Becoming actively involved in an exercise program may be the simplest way to increase your sex drive and improve your sex life!


What are the studies about the effects of exercise on sex life showing?


Studies have determined that your overall health greatly affects your sexual function. The more you improve your health, the more satisfying your sex life will be. This means that exercise greatly improves your sex life and your sexual satisfaction.


In men:

Impotence is becoming a much bigger problem with men than ever before. It has been shown that vigorous exercise can lower the risk of impotence. In a study that followed men for eight years, the ones who exercised on a regular basis were much less likely to have problems with impotence than those who did not participate in physical activity.


In another study, the “couch potatoes” who were put into a schedule of physical exercise three to four days a week for one hour. These men found that they had greater reliability in sexual function, were having sex more often and achieving orgasm more frequently, and had an greater overall satisfaction with their sex life.

Erectile dysfunction is also a problem in men who do not get adequate exercise. Men who participate in vigorous physical activity for about 20 minutes have about ½ the occurrences of erectile problems. It has also been shown that the higher a man’s weight gets, the more likely it becomes to experience episodes of erectile dysfunction.

In women:

The study with women showed that subjects who exercised vigorously for 20 minutes experiences a higher amount of blood flow to the genital tissue when shown an abbreviated X-rated film.


Some reasons why exercise can improve your sex life

The fact of the matter is that exercise strengthens the body in so many ways. It helps strengthen the cardiovascular system and it improves the circulation to all parts of the body. Since a good circulation system is critical to sexual function, it is quite logical to see the correlation between exercise and better sex.


Other reasons why sexual activity might be lacking is low self-esteem. Obesity can cause individuals to feel “bad” about themselves and quite often they feel ugly. Therefore, they will avoid sexual activity whenever possible. Exercise helps with weight loss, as well as improving a person’s overall sense of well being, so can help put the spice back into their lovemaking.