If you ask some folks, they will tell you that they get all of the exercise they need playing golf. How surprised some of these people are to learn that other forms of exercise can actually help to improve a golfer’s game. Picture how much better your golf game will be with more of the stamina you need to make it around the course and the strength behind your golf swing on long or difficult shots. Exercise helps you stock-up your energy reserves for the stamina to carry you for the long-haul. With the proper exercise routine, you’ll be standing straight and tall as you line up the ball for a sure-sink into the 9th hole, thanks to the improved posture you have achieved because of exercise.


Daily exercise improves your flow of oxygen and all of the extra oxygen coursing through your body, thanks to your expanded lung capacity provides you with all of the energy you need for a full 18 rounds of golf and then some. Gone are the days when you would nearly collapse with exhaustion as you climbed aboard your golf cart after only a few rounds, and wondered how you would ever make it to your car. Now you can get in a full day of golfing and still have the energy to enjoy a dinner and conversation over at the clubhouse. Now that’s a side-effect worth exercising to get, isn’t it? The benefits of exercise continues in that exercise provides the lubrication that joints, muscles, and limbs need to move about with less chance of sustaining injury to them. You don’t want to be on the injured-list, unable to play the game of golf you love so much. Because exercise has provided the lubrication your body needs for movement, you can take a confident swing and hit that golf ball off its tee without the increased risk of back and body strains and sprains.


Strength and resistance/weight training exercises also have many benefits that will improve your golf game. Consider the benefits of such exercise and how that naturally transforms your golf playing skills. This form of exercise elevates our moods, builds muscle, expands the lungs capacity to hold and filter more oxygen through the body, increases stamina, improves posture, and aids in the fluid-motion of joints and limbs. The muscles that you will build with strength-resistance or weight training will help to nourish your body, and keep you strong and healthy for years to come. Muscles put the body’s metabolism into a super charged mode and it is your metabolism that eats and eliminates fat from your body. The more hyper charged your metabolism is, the faster and more efficiently you burn off fat stored in your body, resulting in weight loss. This means that the only lugging of excess baggage, will be your caddy as he carries your golf clubs for you. What a luxury it will be to be able to move around without the the tiresome weight of extra pounds!


Exercise is good for your psychological health as well. Exercise helps the body to produce more of the hormones that are responsible for our moods. Exercise can also stabilize these hormones in the body to prevent the wild fluctuations in hormone levels that can lead to outbursts of anger, and the inability to cope with even the smallest of problems. Instead of being known for flying off the handle at the drop of a hat, you can be the person who remains the calmest and most dependable under moments of crisis, like when your ball ends up in a sand trap.


It is clear that exercise plays a huge role in our health and it should now be clear to you just how the many benefits derived from exercise can also help improve your golf game.