I get asked this question daily about how to become a celebrity personal trainer. it normally goes something like this dear Scott I want to become a personal trainer to the stars, I’m a really great personal trainer and was really hoping you could tell me what it takes to become a personal trainer to the stars.
well as you know or may not know being a personal trainer isn’t just something I take lightly, I expect the best out of my clients as well as out of myself.  I don’t just give any one liner answers and expect someone to be happy.. so yes I have trained many celebrities and it’s a great gig, though I wanted to know what it takes as well so I not only compiled all my data and years of research in writing this new book: “Discover The Secrets to Becoming a Celebrity Personal Trainer“: http://www.celebritypersonaltrainerbook.com/ I asked many other celebrity personal trainers and interviewed them on how they broke into the market of training celebrity clients and demanding high pay and getting all the perks that goes hand and hand with the biz.
Well I could write all the secrets in the book but how you say don’t “why buy the cow if you get all the milk anyway”
This book is awesome, it’s loaded with what it takes, how to contact celebrity’s, where to find there information, and what qualifications are important, even has example of how to promote yourself and get seen by your new celebrity clients and on and on.
Well your going to have to get the book to find out all the details, its finally complete just working on the cover of the book now, so if your ready to purchase it just click the link: http://www.celebritypersonaltrainerbook.com/
go to the website and get your hands on the only book that teaches you how to become a personal trainer to celebrities, this isn’t just for personal trainers, if your a massage therapist, and chiropractor, and dr., a acupuncturist, or chef, or anyone one that a celebrity would benefit from your service than this book is a great buy for you so you know how to break into the stars market as a trainer or with your business and land that job  you always wanted working with the stars..
Enjoy, always love to get your comments and here your feedback and keep learning, growing, and being happy every day.. because life has so much to offer, you just got to be willing to take advantage of the opportunities that come into your life every day..