The first rule of thumb to know about how to become an athlete is to know that it takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication to become an athlete. If you are not willing to learn the skills needed to become and athlete, which will require a lot of physical and mental effort, becoming an athlete isn’t the right goal for you. You can still set a goal to becoming more fit and increasing your health, but the goal to become an athlete should be left to those who are willing to work for it.


It is very nice when your family genes “bless” you with natural athletic abilities such as speed, and agility. Some athletes even showed they “possessed” these skills while still in the womb according to their Mothers! These skills of the athlete can be learned, but you will reach your goal of becoming an athlete that much sooner if you start with natural skills and an affinity for athleticism.


To become an athlete you will need to learn how to set “performance” goals. Performance goals give you clear ‘markers” of where your athletic skills are presently at and also a clear idea of where you would like them to go. You can use these “performance goals” to measure how well your skills are progressing, or to signal a need for some changes to take place so that your skills can improve.


Becoming an athlete takes a great deal of focus and hard work to achieve as well. You will need to learn how to keep your focus on the “big picture” of your athletic goals while making yourself work, and work hard to get it. Remember that nothing worthwhile comes easily, and the goal of becoming an athlete is no different. You can become an athlete if you work hard enough for it. Maybe you won’t ever make into the professional athletic leagues (competition is very stiff, and the available openings are limited) but you CAN become a true athlete in your own right.


Most people that become athletes don’t do so without the help of knowledgeable athletic experts. Athletic experts have the training and knowledge about all of the skills you need in becoming an athlete. These experts are known by many names. Some you may recognize are: coaches, personal trainers, fitness trainers, athletic directors, and athletic guidance counselors.


These athletic experts are an invaluable tool for someone seeking to become an athlete. Why? Because you will have someone who is qualified to teach you all of the skills you need to become an athlete. A personal trainer or coach can help you evaluate the skills you have, provide you with the one’s you don’t have but need,  monitor your progress, identify problem areas, challenge you to reach for your best performance, and help you set your goals to becoming an athlete.


Let’s recap: The goal of becoming an athlete is not for those unwilling to put forth a great physical and mental effort towards becoming an athlete. Having natural skills like “speed, agility and an affinity” for athletics is a nice starting point if you already “possess” these. But with hard work, dedication, and focus, these skills can be learned and improved to the level of an athlete. Setting performance goals can keep you “focused” on the big picture of becoming an athlete. Seeking out and following the advice of athletic experts is an “invaluable” tool in becoming an athlete Never giving up on yourself and your dreams. These are all of the crucial elements to how you can become an athlete



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