When it comes to modeling, the fitness model must think about more than just getting their body in shape.  With fitness modeling, there are several things the model must be knowledgeable of if they wish to continue with their success.  Whether it is the lighting or their posing, the fitness model must be completely aware of their surroundings, as well as in control of their body. 


The fitness modeling industry requires the model to be in exceptional shape, however, there is actually less focus on the muscle mass and more on the overall package.  Generally, the fitness model may resemble the bodybuilder, however, the muscle mass is generally much less.  Therefore, when getting in front of the camera, the fitness model will not necessarily be posing to show their muscles.


Many individuals who try to get into the fitness modeling industry often do not succeed as they do not display a comfortable attitude in front of the camera.  The fitness model must be able to pose in all positions and look comfortable while doing it and as if the position is natural for them.  The shot may include the fitness model standing on one foot and balancing and the model must be able to hold themselves until the shot is completed. 


The best way for a fitness model to practice different poses is to practice in front of a mirror regularly.  They should begin by posing different body parts, such as their arms to show their fitness level, as well as their legs and torso.  Each body part may play an entirely different value in a shot and the fitness model must be able to control every part of their body.  Practicing the basic poses, such as quarter turns and front and rear double biceps, will assist the fitness model in securing more jobs for themselves as they will show their level of fitness.


The model must also be aware of the lighting for the pose.  They must always be aware of where their main light is located.  The model must know that if the light is standing in one direction, they must change their posing to that direction.  The fitness model must be aware of this even more as often their posing requires them to move in many directions during a shoot.  This, of course, leads us to where the model should be standing.  Generally, for each shoot, the fitness model may be required to perform different workout moves for the camera.  This will require them to understand the lighting setups and knowing where their mark is.  When the fitness model moves from their mark, it can through the shot off and the camera may no longer be in focus.


Other points the fitness model must be aware of when posing in front of the camera is how much will be included in the shot.  If they are working a full length shot, the placement of their arms and legs will be detrimental to the success of the shot.  They will also have to be aware of facial expressions.  When practicing posing in front of the mirror, the fitness model should also be practicing facial expressions to make sure they can display a variety of looks.  If the shot calls for a picture of someone having a serious workout and the fitness model has a hard time selling a serious face, the shot will not come out the way intended.


The fact is a fitness model has more to do than to flex their muscles in front of the camera.  They will constantly have to be aware of the lighting, where their mark is, and their facial expressions.  Posing in front of the camera will cause them no problems when they practice their basic poses routinely.