Owning an infrared sauna is like having the comfort and benefits of the sun without its health dangers right in your own home. An infrared sauna offers this and so much more. The sun is a major source of infrared heat, and nourishment for the skin and body, which is why it feels so good to lay out under the sun. Unfortunately the sun is also a source of the harmful UV rays that cause sunburns and skin cancers. In fact skin cancers are now claiming more lives each year than most other cancers.


The infrared heat generated by an infrared sauna is safe. This heat is able to penetrate far beneath the surface of the skin. It does not produce harmful UV rays and the deep penetrating heat permits the body to work up a sweat faster and at lower and much safer temperature. Traditional saunas generate higher temperatures which can harm your health, especially if you stay in one too long.


Sweating in your infrared sauna has several benefits. Sweating releases toxins from the body which can then be washed off. Sweating also encourages weight loss and we are not talking about water weight lost during sweating. The deep penetrating heat of the infrared sauna melts excess fat stores away. You will burn approximately 600 calories in as little as a half an hour in an infrared sauna. Stubborn cellulite is also broken up and released.


The heat of the infrared sauna gets the blood circulating in the body which is good for our cardiovascular health but this is also good for our skin. Good blood circulation throughout the body gives the skin vibrancy and a youthful appearance.


The heat generated by an infrared sauna penetrates into the bones which reduces the pain associated with such conditions as arthritis. More range of motion for arthritis and bursitis sufferers is achieved as constricted muscles and sore joints become relaxed and stay relaxed for longer periods of time with the use of an infrared sauna. Strains, sprains, and aching muscles are relived by the deeply penetrating heat of an infrared sauna.


Stress has been shown to cause many serious physical and emotional medical conditions and infrared saunas are an excellent way to reduce levels of stress through the deep relaxation of the infrared heat that envelops your whole body. Less stress leads to improved whole body health.


An infrared sauna can be quickly and easily set up and maintained. Traditional saunas typically require that you hire someone to install the sauna for you and maintenance is more involved as well.  Infrared saunas are inexpensive to operate at around 15 cents for an hour of usage. Traditional saunas are more expensive to operate. With the prices of everything going up it is nice to have a very affordable way to better health made possible by an infrared sauna.


For the absolute best in infrared saunas you will want to look at the LuxSauna line of infrared saunas. The line features infrared saunas from one person units to multi-person units. The LuxSauna line of infrared saunas are available in a range of affordable prices and with different exterior finishes to them for the perfect fit in your home. Order your infrared sauna online securely and have your better-than-the-sun infrared sauna delivered right to your door for quick and easy set up and immediate use.


The comfort and benefits of the sum without its health dangers right in your own home. Deep penetrating heat with many benefits for whole body health and no harmful UV rays to worry about is what you will find with owning an infrared sauna.