Alwyn Cosgrove Newsletter, Fat is Not Your Fault?!

Hey Here is a great newsletter I found, check it out it’s by a very well known strength and Conditioning Coach: Alwyn Crosgrove.

I recently interviewed naturopath Dr Bryan Walsh as regards his new course “Fat is Not Your Fault

AC: I have to be honest, when I heard the name of your program I thought, “Of course it’s people’s fault. If you eat junk food and don’t exercise, then being fat is their fault.” But then when I heard more about your program I realized you were onto something.
BW: Honestly, that’s most people’s response and shows you just how much misinformation there is out there. We’re taught to believe that diet and exercise are the only things required to lose weight. And while we do need them to lose weight, our body also has to be functioning properly. If it’s not, weight loss simply won’t happen.
There are some very smart people in your field doing amazing research – really smart people in fact, and you’re one of them – but the part that is being sorely missed has to do with genuine underlying factors that are not allowing them to lose weight despite following a great diet and exercise program.
The missing link is people’s physiology which unfortunately nowadays, is worse than it’s ever been in human history. It can make weight loss virtually impossible for millions of people.

AC: That’s really interesting and I couldn’t agree more. Could you give me some examples?
BW: Sure.
First and foremost is blood sugar balance. Every diet book out there is designed to help balance blood sugar because it is so important for health and weight loss. But what these books don’t tell you is how to assess your blood sugar to see if it is being effectively managed.
I see patients all the time that are following a great diet and exercise program – perfect actually – but when we do blood work on them, they have blood sugar issues despite the fact that they are doing everything right. In women, blood sugar and insulin increase testosterone, which will make weight loss virtually impossible, in addition to creating other imbalances in the body.

AC: They have blood sugar issues even though they are following a diet and exercise program?BW: Absolutely. That is another misconception. Diet and exercise are fantastic for helping manage blood sugar, but if there are other things going on inside the body, someone can still have blood sugar issues. Things like adrenal gland dysfunction and high cortisol – this will raise blood sugar despite what someone is doing on the outside and will practically ruin all their efforts. Gastrointestinal health is another one. If people have some type of infection – which is FAR more common than people realize – or if they are eating foods they are sensitive to, these are a stress to the body and will increase cortisol levels, among other things, making a diet and exercise program completely ineffective.

AC: That’s fascinating. How common do you think this is?
BW: More common than people realize. The type of people I see in my practice are not sick people. They generally well-educated people who read a lot of health books, eat pretty well, exercise, take supplements and are generally healthy-minded people. But I can tell you that almost everyone that walks through my door has imbalances – hormones, blood sugar, adrenal gland issues, gastrointestinal dysfunction, neurotransmitter imbalances – despite the fact that they are living a healthier lifestyle than most other people.
I’ll give you an example. We put people on a 28 detoxification program, which is basically a modified elimination diet, supplements to support their gastrointestinal system and liver, and after following this for 28 days, everyone loses weight whether they are exercising or not. When you reduce inflammation in the body and give it a chance to relax a bit, weight loss happens effortlessly.

AC: What can people do to get started?
BW: The first thing is to get educated. Knowledge is power. That’s why I created Fat is Not Your Fault. It is to help educate people on the different systems of their body and how it impacts weight loss if it is not working properly. I get comments almost daily on how much people love the videos I made for the program. I try to explain things in a very easy-to-understand way and then offer solutions. Sometimes it’s certain lab tests that people can get, other times it’s how to do things like an elimination diet – but the first key is education. You must learn how things work so that when you go to your doctor you can have a conversation with him rather than just have him tell you what to do.
I also created an assessment form so people can figure out which areas in their body need the most attention. For example, people can see if they might have a thyroid issue, a gastrointestinal issues, or if their hormones are causing them the most difficulty. There are also questions geared towards neurotransmitter balance, how toxic someone might be, what type of blood sugar issues they might have and then I have an audio guide to help walk people through their results.

AC: It sounds like you covered everything.
BW: I worked hard on it and am very proud of it. There is nothing like it anywhere, especially all in one place. There is so much misinformation available today that I wanted to create the best possible product I could to help as many people as possible. And I thank you, by the way, for helping me reach more people.

AC: Well, I’ve known you for a long time and the quality of work you put out. It’s my pleasure. Where can people learn more?
BW: The easiest way is to go to Fat is Not Your Fault
The entire program is there and, the information that people get, honestly . . . it’s a steal. It was a lot of fun to put it together and now my goal is to help as many people as humanly possible. There are a lot of unhappy people out there blaming themselves for being overweight, when it might have very little to do with what they are doing.

AC: Thanks for your time, Dr. Walsh. It’s been fun.
BW: Agreed, Alwyn. I love what you do and think you’re one of the brighter lights in the fitness industry. Thanks for doing everything you do.

–ACPs – check out Dr Walsh’s course => “Fat is Not Your Fault
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