Invented by Canadian, James Naismith in 1891, who was living in the United States, basketball is definitely an athletically challenging sport, as it exercises all of the muscles in the body. The arms are exercised through the passing and shooting of the basketball while the legs are exercised through the running up and down the court and the jumps they complete in order to gain height for a shot.


It is important to note that basketball not just exercises all of the parts of the body but it exercises all of the muscles as well, as mentioned. It is important to note that the two are not the same concept, not by a long shot. The leaping and running movements exercise all of the lower parts of the body and the shooting and passing movements exercise all of the arm muscles as well as the chest, a chest pass is the same identical movement to a push-up. Because of the completely interdisciplinary techniques involved in the sport, training for it is extremely varied as well.


One of the more important things to note about training for basketball is that it is of a very interdisciplinary nature. At least the actual muscular training part of it is; the strategy and tactics portions are only applicable to the sport of basketball itself but everything else is reasonably cross-compatible with other sports. Therefore a lot of the training that athletes undergo in the context of basketball is actually also applicable to a lot of other sports. The strength training for example could be used by sprinters, football players, soccer players and the like. A lot of the training is very flexible as well and this is why basketball is such a great sport to get children interested in; the transition into another sport is a lot smoother with basketball than it is with some of the other sports.


The tactics and strategies vary by the position. A point guard would want to focus more on their court awareness and their ability to pass the ball and make plays with the other players on their team whereas a center would be more interested in the play within the key itself.




The techniques for basketball are split between the techniques that are used to train an athlete’s body and those that are used to train an athlete’s mind. The ones in the former category are just typical body exercises that are covered in other articles so we will focus on the latter category here with a few examples of the kinds of techniques that are taught during the course of basketball training.


Defense Formations: These types of formations are taught by the coach to the athletes and represent the different kinds of plays that the players will go through depending on the situation. Different defenses like the box defense, the amoeba defense and the trap defense are all commonly used in basketball and it is these kinds of defenses that are very important for the athlete to grasp and more importantly execute.


Passing and Shooting Drills: These are drills that are designed to develop the basketball specific skills that athletes need to play the game. A very common drill is the basic pass/shoot drill and it works as follows:


·         The first man in line runs to the top of the key and is passed the ball by the second man in line.

·         The first man then takes a shot at the basket and regardless of whether it hits or misses they then chase their own rebound while the second man runs to the top of the key.

·         The first man retrieves their rebound and passes it back to the second man who takes their own shot at the net.

·         The process repeats throughout the whole line of players until each player has had a shot at the net. The final player retrieves their rebound and passes it to the first player in order to end the drill.


A coach will sometimes test the improvement of basketball skills by running the drill each practice and seeing how the team improves both in the number of accurate passes and shots as well as the overall time it takes the whole team to collectively perform the drill.


Basketball is a physically demanding sport, and if you are looking for a fun alternative to your work outs, I recommend playing a game at the gym or a local court. The level of activity that you will receive in one game will benefit your physical health greatly.



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