Grass fed steak, 1/2 finely diced jalapeno,

1/4 tsp of the following spices: cumin, coriander, chili powder.

1 clove of garlic,

1 tsp. fresh lime juice

Okra, olive oil, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, curry, chili powder, black pepper


For the steak: Combine olive oil, finely diced jalapeno, finely diced garlic clove, spices and lime juice in a ziploc bag.

Add steak and try to cover steak in the mixture. The longer it marinates the better.

Try for at least 4 hours, I do mine overnight usually.

For the okra: cut off the tops, then add to large mixing bowl. combine all the above ingredients, toss and coat well.

Add to skewers and you are good to go! I find that okra cooks much quicker on a BBQ as compared to being sauteed, so cook each side for about 3-4 minutes or until just tender.