Throughout the decades many weight loss programs have come and gone. While some may be popular and stay others are knocked down by physicians and the FDA for approval. When it comes down to your health and lifestyle you want to be careful what you put into your body. Whether your using some type of pill, cutting out carbohydrates, playing video games, or ordering pre-packaged meals its important to do your research on the many weight loss programs out there. You need to make sure you are receiving all your daily nutrients as your body relies on these to keep you healthy and strong. You need to make sure they offer a support syJenny Craig Weight Loss Diet Programstem as many people begin weight loss programs and lose their motivation to finish them.  If you find a program with instructors, counselors or anybody else who is educating you it is very important to find out if they certified in what they are educating others about. A lot of people working for these weight loss programs are working for commission so they will say anything to sell you the product.

Unlike the pill popping of Alli weight loss, the Jenny Craig weight loss program is all about sending you pre-packaged meals through a three level system. Many weight loss programs have you go through different levels until you reach the end. It is important to find one that has a final step that helps you make lifelong healthy decisions. Without this last step it is easy to fall back into your old unhealthy habits. As far as support goes the Jenny Craig weight loss program offers a 24-7 support line so that clients are able to ask questions and get support when ever they need to. Jenny Craig offers two different programs one is by actually going to a Jenny Craig center that can be found all over the world with over 650 centers just in the United States. For those who don’t have a center near them or cant physically get to one then Jenny Craig offers a mail and telephone program. Both of these programs are centered around the pre-packaged meals. These consist of frozen breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. The problem with packaged meals is once you are off of the diet it is hard to keep your portions small when most food portions at restaurants and whenever you eat out is fairly large.

When it comes to support the Jenny Craig weight loss program ranks above similar programs but the price of the meals and the transition to “real” food bring down the effectiveness of the program. By focusing on food, body, and mind the program does focus on the key aspects to losing weight. However, though it may offer lots of support to get yourself to the gym and be active is something you have to do on your own. People may find this challenging when they are not accounted for at the gym like you would be with a personal trainer or a running buddy.

If you are looking for a weight loss program that does not hurt your wallet, like the Jenny Craig weight loss program, or your body, such as the HCG injections, then I highly advise getting online and checking out some weight loss communities. They are all over the web, free, and can offer you a ton of support and advice. For example, My Weight World is a weight loss community for those who want to lose just a few pounds to a hundred.  They have live chats where you can chat with others just like you or you can share recipes and workout strategies with everyone! Always talk to a physician and do your research before starting any program.