Jessica Simpson got in amazing shape for Duke’s of hazard for the role of Daisy Dukes. She was quoted for saying that missing the gym for a strenuous work out wasn’t a option no matter how late the movie shoot took she would go at the end of the day and work out for 2 hrs, 1 hr of treadmill running or cardio to help shed her body into a tight little thing that we all stared at while her boots were made for walking.

Jessica that is awesome the drive the commitment, Granted how much money did you earn by getting that amazing body. So working out and correcting some eating habits like avoiding sugar were very rewarding for someone already blessed with awesome genes.

Jessica Simpson deserved everything she worked for, it’s awesome to see a start change some eating habits and alter there exercise training program and watch them get the great reward by seeing how Jessica Simpson shredded all those extra fat pounds off.

congratulations for being committed to your exercise training program Jessica Simpson keep at it don’t let yourself out of shape remember always take care of your self, yes you are beautiful regardless and sure an amazing person, though you always should be healthy and fit.

It’s not only sexy and helps you sell your products and appear in more movies, (not that you have a problem with that anyway.) You will remain healthy, fit, and feeling more better all the time when you exercise.

Jessica Simpson keep up the great work, your truly a very talented individual and want to wish you much more success and to all your adventures.

Just stay fit and healthy for yourself, though remember to be a great model for kids to follow, many people look up to you. It should be all stars priority because of the power of influence you have amongst us all including children.

Much Success Jessica Simpson, and to your Fitness and Health