Cardio, moving, shedding fat, what’s your choice.

Running is a great form of exercise that is really affordable and easy, wake up put on cloths (optional though highly suggested) and take off for a morning job great way to get the day started, women love this allows there mind to do what it’s got to do, very stress relieving.

Hey this may not be for you and that is ok, though something must be your choice, because you must choose that is the only option; run, jump rope, jumping jacks for 30 minutes.  Finding time just do it right when you wake up get it done and over with so the rest of the day doesn’t interfere with the best thing you can do for your mind, body, and spirit.

You may not like it, you may learn to love it, you may want to make it easier with an ipod or some tunes, or my favorite an audio book. Though as nike says just do it.  “Get er done” says the cable guy.

Exercise it is the only option to a healthy, abundant life.. so get out there and do it, who needs motivation just do it.. don’t worry, be free and just go, now you got it.

here’s some info to help below.

Run, Forrest!
Jogging is one of the few exercises you can undertake without membership fees, classes, or expensive equipment. provides joggers with a nationwide database of runners’ routes, complete with street maps and satellite images. Find a route in your town or post one of your own!

Cue “Chariots of Fire…”

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