If you want an amazing body and to be super healthy it’s pretty simple. Here are some basic things you can do to achieve all this.

1st eat more veggies
2nd eat more healthy fats (this will give your body better energy and help you lose fat)
3rd eat high quality foods so don’t eat at cheap restaurants with poor quality food: grass fed, wild, free range, fresh are things you want to look for on the menu.
4rth Avoid: dairy, wheat/gluten, corn, soy, and peanuts at all cost. I guarantee if you follow this 1 rule you will change your body and look and feel so amazing in 3-6 months you will thank me for a lifetime. Just try if for 3 months and tell me how well it works.

If your having problems losing weight then do these steps here:
#Check your Hormones Get them Regulated
#Detox your body: your gut needs to be clean and working right
#Drink high quality food and water
#exercise so you can sweat toxins and build some muscle to help burn calories, boost metabolism, and give help you release some feel good hormones.