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Kettlebells are a superior exercise tool for fitness intent individuals desiring the greatest in strength and conditioning. Traditional kettlebells are designed for men who want to reach peak strength and conditioning levels, but there are women who want to achieve their strongest and most conditioned levels just like men, and lighter kettlebells have been developed for just these women.


Kettlebells build speed, strength, endurance, and conditioning for the individual man or woman brave and dedicated enough to work out with these. Kettlebells are not for the casual exerciser. They are for the individual who is serious about reaching the highest fitness level they have ever had in their lives. Kettlebells turn bodies into mega fat burners with fat loss percentages that are nothing short of spectacular.


Kettlebells are especially good at super increasing the muscle mass in the shoulders, hips, and legs as well as super strengthening ligaments and tendons to withstand greater strain and stress without injuries. It is this added beef or bulk to muscle mass that turns the body into a mega fat burner as well as the strongest and most conditioned body that you have ever had in your life.


Kettlebells are made of cast iron with steel cores, for durability that will last a lifetime. The bell is oblong shaped with a steel handle attached for lifting. Kettlebells are available in a wide range of weights starting at 10 pounds which is the recommended weight that women new to kettlebells start out with. It is also recommended that young adults start out with these 10 pound kettlebells to safely build strength and conditioning before moving to a heavier kettlebell. Women and young adults will quickly move from 10 pound kettlebells to 14 and 18 pound ones in no time. Women who want to increase their strength and conditioning even further will move on to 25 pound kettlebells and may even pick up a 35 pound kettlebell one day soon.


Buy Kettlebells Now!                                     Buy Kettlebells Now! 


Men typically start out with 35 pound kettlebells as they build their strength and conditioning. Once they have built up their initial level of strength and conditioning, they will continue the process of increasing their strength by moving up, one at a time, to the heavyweight kettlebells. Those heavyweights would be the 44, 53, 62, 70, 88, and 106 pound kettlebells.


Male or female when you begin using kettlebells you will most likely want to begin with two handed swings until you build your strength. Then you might be ready for one handed swings, and eventually one handed jerks, snatches, and cleans. It is highly recommended that you purchase a quality DVD or video on how to properly workout with kettlebells before beginning your strength and conditioning program. Kettlebells are for the serious fitness professional and enthusiast, and proper instruction is needed to avoid serious or permanent injuries.


You will be pleasantly stunned by how quickly and by how much your strength, speed, conditioning, and endurance increases with a kettlebell exercise program. Equally stunning is how fast your body becomes a mega fat burner with fantastic fat loss results.


Professional athletes, body building champions, and fitness intense individuals have all found kettlebells to give them the added edge in strength, speed, endurance, and conditioning that they crave. Fitness is sexy and the hard core sexiness of those who workout with kettlebells cannot be denied.


Remember that kettlebells are not for the casual exerciser, but check out what kettlebells and a good kettlebells instructional DVD can do for you if you are really serious about achieving the greatest possible levels in strength and conditioning, as well as speed, endurance, and undeniable sex appeal.


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