With many weight loss programs out there one very popular and yet controversial one is the LA weight loss program. This is a program where clinics are found all over the US and even worldwide. The overall idea of the center is people who want to lose weight come in for a consultation and a plan is made for them. They mostly charge you for their consultation and the food supplements. The diet plan is portions of proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy and LA Lites. La Lites are the main part of the diet which is mostly soy-protein bars. This company has become very controversial as they were fined in 2002 $100,000 for using false claims.

The average cost for your own personalized program at LA weight loss can typically be in the thousands. This program is designed to appeal to those who see their flashy commercials and want a promise that they can lose fat quickly and easily. This has become such a controversial company due to their sales tactics and the many customers who claim to be pressured into it. Their LA Lites they suggest you buy in bulk up front and thouLA weight Loss centersgh they are protein based they are not a requirement. Many also question the credentials of their many counselors as their sessions typically require a weigh in three times a week. They are not licensed nutritionist but can access one if needed. These counselors put you on a plan that does or does not include the LA Lites, but they have been criticized for putting the majority of their clients on them as they make the commission off their products.

Unlike some other weight loss programs LA weight loss is focused around portion control and lifelong weight management while many programs count calories and/or are on a point system. Their menu plans range from 1,200 calories to 2,400 calories. This weight loss plan is then divided into three phases. The first phase is for weight loss where they receive counseling three times a week that consists of food choices, how to be more active and your mindset. Phase two is a six week period that they go to after they have met their weight loss goals. This is when clients are able to increase their calories. The last phase focuses on maintenance and you remain in this phase for about a year to keep your weight off. Although exercise is encouraged they do not set up a plan of certain exercises for you to do.

When choosing a weight loss program for you it is best to talk with a physician first and see what they recommend. There is no magic pill, but a healthy diet and exercise, so when someone pushes you to buy their product to lose weight a red flag should be raised. Typically many of these bars and supplements have never been proven to be effective. Also when going through weight loss it is critical to have a support system. The fact that with LA weight loss you only meet with one person and never in a group setting can make it difficult to find that support you need. The internet is full of online weight loss communities where people are looking for help to lose weight just like you! My Weight World is an online weight loss community created to help those who are seeking to lose weight or want to live a healthier lifestyle. By becoming a member you are able to talk to others through a forum or even in the chat room. Any of the members can submit and share articles, power points as well as recipes. When choosing to lose weight I would research all your possibilities and get some advice from your doctor before you begin.