Parasites, microbial bacteria, wastes and other toxins can overwhelm and cause severe deterioration to the health of the various systems of the human body. When your body’s systems are not operating properly, you have very little energy, can become winded more easily, have a higher risk of getting sick, and are more likely to suffer from emotional upsets. Cleansing all forms of toxins from the body has many health benefits. There are exceptional body cleansing products to help you with cleaning toxins out of your organs, systems, and body as a whole. Oxy Powder cleanses the colon, Para Buster cleanses parasites from the body, and Super Phos Thirty cleanses toxins from the liver and gallbladder.


After, and even during, you cleanse your body of all toxins, there is a need to restore a balance to the helpful bacteria the body uses to fight disease and power the systems of the body. Your body will eventually restore this balance of good bacteria, but not while using cleansers to purge your body of toxins and it will take your body time to get the balance just right on its own. You can best help your body to restore the balance of needed bacteria with probiotic restoration supplementation. This means providing the body with supplements that attract and encourage the growth of helpful bacteria the body needs to remain active and healthy. Latero flora is one such probiotic restoration supplement that restores the balance of helpful bacteria in the body. Latero flora can be used at the same time that you are using toxin cleansing products with no reduction in its effectiveness for attracting and growing helpful bacteria.


Latero flora also offers protection to the colon from possible negative affects that could be caused by large amounts of toxins passing through the colon on their way out of the body. Latero flora acts as a stomach and gastric buffer against the unpleasant affects caused by toxins as they are being purged from the body. If you are cleansing your body of toxins for the first time, it is normal to experience a minimal amount of stomach and other digestive upsets as these toxins leave the body.  Minimal as these upsets may be, most people would rather not experience them if they do not have to.


The suggested dosing of Latero flora for adults is two capsules, taken by mouth, in the morning at least twenty minutes before having breakfast. Adults should take these two latero flora capsules with a full glass of water. For children the suggested dose of latero flora is one capsule in the morning before having breakfast. Some children have difficulty or dislike swallowing pills, even capsules so parents can break open capsules and add them to a glass of water, allowing the child to drink their doses of latero flora.


Further suggestions for maintaining a healthy balance of helpful bacteria in your body once the latero flora has restored the proper balance to the body includes eating whole, highly nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, and to drink half your weight in ounces of water each day. Fruits and vegetables contain high percentages of oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes, which the body uses to manufacture helpful bacteria in the body. Natural grown organic foods are best because they are not grown using harmful pesticides, which can pose serious health risks when consumed in large amounts. Water keeps the body hydrated, allowing the body and its systems to operate properly. Exercise has long been known to be beneficial to the health of the body and its systems. Get plenty of rigorous exercise at least three times a week to help your body to maintain a balanced level of helpful bacteria and to encourage your body to be at it’s highest levels of fitness and health.


Probiotic restoration supplementation such as latero flora is not usually a required step with toxin cleanses, but it is worth considering due to its benefits to quickly restoring a healthy balance to needed bacteria in the body.