Everyone always talks about how they want a beautiful flat tummy or Guys how they want 6 pack abs.


10 Secrets to get you washboard abs and/or Flat Tummy.


1.      Clean your Body: For total control of your abs and to get the flat tummy health starts from the inside out so clean your internal system to help your body and muscles respond to get the washboard abs you want: Clean Your Body with this amazing Detox Program: https://www.personalpowertraining.net/Parasite-Flush.htm. This is one of the best I have ever found.  You need to clean your body and yes even the really healthy people at least every 6 months.

2.      Burn Fat/ Calories: You must Exercise and do Cardio to burn the most calories and fat: Weight Training has been proven research study after research study that it burns the most fat and calories in the long run.  Interval Training with Cardio again has been proven research study after research study that it burns the most fat over the long term which means you get to a flatter more defined washboard abs sooner.  Get the Best Fitness Training Advice by checking out my fitness articles at: https://www.personalpowertraining.net or going to http://www.myweightworld.com to get the best advice in fitness first hand.

3.      Be Active in addition to doing your cardio and lifting weights remember to be active the more active you are the more calories you burn.  Instead of going to the bars going drinking take your dog for a walk, or a friend for a fun game at the park, go enjoy time with someone special walking, riding bikes, talking, and most importantly moving. 

4.      Avoid Alcohol, drugs, soft drinks, fried foods, potato chips, white flour, refined sugar, sweets, candy, and treats. All these foods our add extra calories and fat to your body and provide no nourishment for your body to be healthy and clean.

5.      Eat Clean and Healthy: This means tons of nourishing veggies and fruits, follow the “The 9 healthy fit food commandments”

                                i.            Eat high quality protein with each meal.  (wild, grass fed, free range, organic)

                              ii.            Eat 5 plus meals per day, studies show the more meals you eat the higher your metabolism will be.  So eating small meals every few hours mean a smaller waistline and a healthier body.  Studies even show eating 10-14 meals are even better.

                            iii.            Eat A Vegetable and Fruit serving at each meal: Vegetables provide the body with the most nourishment and the least amount of calories. Fruit is great for curing a sweet tooth and is good for you.

                             iv.            Only Eat whole grains after you exercise. (steal cut oatmeal, amaranth, spelt bread, Ezekiel,

                               v.            Eat healthy nuts and use healthy oils.

Eat Good Fats: Fish oils, cod liver oil if you don’t get a lot of sun, Eat wild fish, avocados, olive oil, and walnuts.

                           vii.            Eat Whole foods for majority of your meals, mother nature intended for us to eat from the earth.

                         viii.            Get Plenty of rest and sleep. 7-8 hours is the healthy requirement for the body to recover the mind and body.

                             ix.            Live Life to the fullest, think positive, focus on the great things in life and work on improving your life and the lives of others each and every day. 

6.      Supporting friends and family: Get all your friends and family and anyone around you involved in fitness, health, and happiness. The more people in your environment that support you and are a part of a healthy, fit lifestyle the more easy it will be for you to be that way.  Success breeds success. So hanging around happy, successful people will teach you how to be that way. If your un happy, fat, and are not motivated the best thing for you is to start being around the environment that you want.

7.      Change your Attitude and behavior: sometimes pretending your happy and faking like you enjoy exercise, and eating right will get you to switch that behavior in your mind to actually like it. You want lasting change you must change your attitude and perspective about exercise, fitness, health, and nutrition.

8.      Information: get the correct information that will make you a success in exercise and eating right, there are millions of diets and exercise programs though if you don’t have the proper information that you will fail every time.  If you want success get the correct information. Unfortunately finding someone with the correct advice might force you to do some work, because there are millions of nutritionist, Dr’s, personal trainers, and other health practitioners that are not educated enough in this department to really help you.

9.      Get a mission plan: A detailed plan on what you need to do, how many days of week, what exercises you need to do to lose weight, how to shop for your groceries, what foods to buy, and what to tell yourself. The more detailed plan of action you have the better success you will have.


Remember love, be happy, and move!!!