This is a message I sent to the local state dept in Arizona, my Senators, and other Government Officials. As a Qualified Personal Trainer, as a consumer who wants the best health care. Stand up and fight with me and send it to all your local state and government officials so we can fight corporate health clubs that just want to make a quick buck of everyone. Join me in this to make Personal Training a Professional Industry that Requires Qualifications by the state or Government.

As of late, a fair amount of media attention has revolved around the professional qualifications/education of the personal training profession.

I have listed a few:

Health Club and Trainer are Sued in a Death.

Woman Says Personal Trainer Put Her In Hospital

Personal Trainer in New York City Sued for Working Obese Man Too Hard.

Women’s Health March 2009 article: “it was after the fifth 20 rep set on leg extension that her legs collapsed for the first time.” This is an article that can shed some even more light on the personal training and fitness industry.

I am currently a personal trainer with a B.S. in Kinesiology from ASU and have several other certifications and regularly provide myself with continuing education in the field. It saddens me that so many in my profession are able to market themselves with so few qualifications. Without proper qualifications, the potential for human physical harm is great and there is an increased likelihood of consumers being misled or misinformed.

I’m hoping that State of Arizona can lead the way in helping to regulate this industry in our nation. What I envision is perhaps regulating this industry in a similar fashion to the field of massage therapy. Specifically, while massage therapist have to take 500 to 750 hours of training from a Board qualified course and are required to pass a test to get a state license to practice their craft, there are no such requirements for personal training. This is a shame since arguably, malpractice in personal training presents a greater harm to consumers than does that of the massage therapy. In particular, personal trainers are responsible for working with people’s bodies by giving them correct exercise with proper form to prevent injury. They are also often expected to recommend nutritional advice and to counsel people on their health and lifestyle. Personal trainers may take it upon themselves to recommend nutritional supplements, food choices, etc. This is all acceptable if the proper training has occurred. If not, risk is presented to consumers.

I’m hoping that the State of Arizona can advise me on how to consider regulation for the personal training industry. Not only will regulation ensure consumer safety, but it could also be a profit center for the State via licensing and renewal feels, as well as state sponsored education and training for the professionals. The best scenario would be that the State of Arizona ensure that no un-licensed personal trainers can practice in the State.

I am happy to champion this cause. My goal is to see the personal training industry become a legitimate and respected profession in the health field. I hope you can tell me to how best begin this quest. Thank you for your time.


Scott White

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