Something I am sure all of us have a hard time with at some point is time management. Time management is a sill that is very important to have but also takes lots of practice, organizing, and prioritizing. First, it is important to think about the things you do during the day and how much time you spend doing them. For example: watching tv, eating, spending time with friends or family etc. When evaluating your time you may be surprised how much time is wasted being unproductive. You should then prioritize your daily activities spending the most time on the things that are more important. When it comes to working out it is easy to put off until the end of the day or not at all because you “don’t have time” Make a weekly schedule of all your activities and make sure you include exercise and put it in your calendar at a certain time and day. This will make sure you follow your schedule and make exercise a apart of your day just like you would a meeting or appointment. Time management is a skill that will be helpful in your every day life and will keep your stress levels down!