Marion Jones busted for steroids admitted to using steroids.. Big Surprise are we all that clueless about steroid use, come on both her husbands got in trouble for questionable steroid use.  You can’t be serious that this was a big surprise.  Many many athletes use steroids is it right or wrong is the question.  We the people demand all athletes to break records and to achieve a higher level of greatness on a continual basis.  I believe you can do everything through proper nutrition, Scientific Conditioning and strength training but of course what is easier to be exact and do disciplined to follow every training and modality to a tee, or to take a magic pill or injection.  Well the general public still take the magic pill to lose weight or buy into a mlm company to get rich quick without working you could almost argue that it’s the American way, isn’t it.  Who are we to blame, yes Marion Jones should not of cheated the system and done something illegal.  Though let’s get serious are we going to ban all athletes in football, track, baseball who use performance enhancing drugs.. I hate to break it to ya though many athletes use and our system allows them to, if we really wanted to check and test them we could.  though you may ask why we don’t, cost more money sure, but then again we will pay athletes million of dollars to endorse them, but we won’t do a test to make sure there clean before they compete.  Why not cheat the system and do shorts cuts everyone else seems to do it with there life, ask yourself do you have you?  I do my best being a role model in the health and fitness field not to be a part of this and have a lifestyle that trains hard, smart, and eats super clean and does everything I can to be as clean and healthy as possible, I chose not to take short cuts and cheat the system, because I’m responsible for my actions and I want to set an example for others.
do the same, fix the system and we wouldn’t even have to go through this and athletes wouldn’t even think of cheating because they know they can’t, why do we allow it is what I want to know if it’s not necessary?
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