Fitness Models, Bikini Models, Figure Models, by now your wondering what it takes to be famous to be on the cover of muscle and fitness, oxygen, and Men’s health, or other fitness magazines.
let me give you the first huge tip that should be a no brainier, what does it take for you to always be in the lime light and always get asked to be the cover model and get fitness modeling gigs.
Let’s do this as a count down on some of the top most important things you need to do to be a successful fitness model.
  1. Ok here’s the number one thing you need to do to be a fitness model: Have an amazing body, always be in shape and look great from head to toe, if your fat and not in good shape well I suggest hiring a good trainer, get your diet in control and start living the lifestyle.  This is a modeling contest and your judged on your looks so this is number one even know it’s sounds super silly to even have to mention this.
  2. Do fitness, figure, bikini, bodybuilding, model shows and competitions you want to continue getting your name out there and always be at every show, competition to get to know photographers, agents, reps, and anyone that can help you out in the industry, I don’t care if you like it or not your in the business of networking yourself and yes make sure you look your best. which gets me to
  3. Always and I mean always be in shape I have heard this many times how people or big fitness companies need a fitness model and they go to the winner of a fitness competition and pick the 1st place finisher a few weeks after the show and guess what there no longer in shape so they lose the contract to sometimes the 5th or 8th girl the one who is still in the best shape after the show.  Learn to be healthy and fit year round and not blow up and get fat after you just busted your butt to win and look amazing for the show.  If you know how to eat right, diet, and exercise it’s easy to do this year round: yes it does take dedication and persistent though isn’t this your life and dream to be like this all the time.  I suggest the book: to learn all these secrets now.
I just listed the top 3 most important things to do to get maximum exposure as a fitness model and to help you break into the fitness industry to get that cover on a fitness magazine so what are you waiting for.
if you want even more advice and tips and to know all the secrets get this book today: because you want to know all the super secret details that can help you build your portfolio and getting top photographers shooting you for free.  Find out everything inside today.