Michael Moore what’s going on you have a movie about health and insurance and you your self don’t take care of your own health, Point the finger tell the insurance companies are to blame, though what about yourself.

Are you currently the poster boy for health or could you be on the verge of clinical obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and among other health issues to boot.

“Siko was a documentary about HealthCare and Educating health Care in America, Nurses watch out Michael Moore is hoping for a big movement with this Video “Siko” Wanting to take a message health care is for America and in need for everyone.

Let’s face it this won’t change stop whining and being babies about this, start being responsible for your own health.  Start respecting your own body. I have yet to come across to many healthy nurses.

Who needs health care when you take care of your own health and are responsible for your own physical fitness, nutrition, and health.  We need to stop complaining about this and start taking action in our own hands.  This is done first by being healthy ourselves.

Would we even need as much health care if we exercised and ate better, granted most people don’t know what this is and how to do it, because there is so much miss information when it comes to nutrition and taking care of your own health that some will get you right back to being fat and un healthy cause yes of course that is what the big corporations want.

Yes I said it big corporate owners of pharmaceutical companies, fast food joints, and the rich want you to be more fat, have more disease, and not be healthy cause at the end of the day you may be sick and dying they are getting richer and more money to feed there greed.

So take the steps, do I think Michal Moore should be the first one to join in this massive take care of your own health movement.. Oh yes I do.

Be responsible and take charge or something that is most important to you! yourself, now go exercise, eat right, and higher someone who may really help you and is qualified and just don’t skimp on the most important thing in this world.. You!!

Michael, let’s make a movie education people how to eat, move, and be healthy and teach them what they need to know along with yourself to live and be happy.. Lean, healthy, and fit.. and emphasize there are no excuses!!


in great health and happiness
Scott White
Personal Power Training
Professional Fitness Trainer
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