how many hear about a modeling school or Acting School who will get you in the commercials or on print magazines.  Though you must pay them money upfront for schooling, training, or photo’s, head shots and so forth.  Be careful most of these schools are scams they won’t really help you even if you sign up with them and they send you out on a few gigs.  Most likely that’s all you will get you got to be self motivated and
promote yourself.
don’t get me a wrong people in the industry can help you and a good agent can work for you though when they get you jobs they make money.  if your really worth marketing and they think they can get  you acting jobs or modeling jobs there going to want to work with you.
  In my Fitness Modeling Book I explain all these details and list the websites to get free photo’s and head shots and places to help promote yourself and make yourself bigger than life in the industry. Geared more for the fitness industry though you can apply it to the whole acting and modeling industry.
Remember no one is going to promote you more than you, so get out there and go and find auditions on the web and network with the people in the industry I would recommend moving out to NYC or Los Angles if you really want to be in the business of acting or modeling.
You got to be a self promoter and not afraid to communicate to the people in the industry you never know which connection will pay off.
so be ready, be fit, be pretty, be fun, and be friendly to everyone and continue to help others because it all comes back and keep positive because you are really the most important key in your success so utilize yourself and be an shameless self promoter and go for your goals.