What a great weekend saturday morning woke up early to do a mt. Bike ride with a few clients around th dc ranch area. We all got our gear on gloves helmet clipped in my shoes and were all pumped ready to ride. The morning was unusually cold for arizona. Right as we all were ready to ride the rain started pouring down. We waited a bit and a few were a bit unsure to ride. They asked me and I said we can ride but beeing it cold windy and pouring rain with no rain gear it wii be pretty miserable. They all still wanted to give it a shot. We took of to ride I was excited and motivated they wanted to go for it. Well about 30 second into it we all decided mt biking was better for another day. Mt biking is a great fun way to exercise and be in nature but even I know when to change my plan to make sure I will be having fun and a great adventure. After that I took off to the gym with a few more clients and had an amazing workout. I didn't go mt biking that day. Though I still hit the guym and had one of the best saturday workouts at the gym. If your ready to have fun and get a great workout at the gym or mt biking contact us today to become a member. Remember not all will be able to make the cut to be apart of our training program. If you think you have the commitment and motivation and want to be pushed. then you may have a chance to make the team.

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