Do you know what those vitamins and minerals are doing in your body do you know how much your body absorbs when it comes to taking a multi vitamin.   Let me give you the inside scoop about nutritional supplement companies you know that vitamin and mineral companies are not regulated by the FDA and if you or I want to make a vitamin, mineral supplement, or any other product you may do so.  Hell I could even putt dirt and a little C in a capsule and call it vitamin C because supplements are not regulated by the FDA or any other organization.  So what does that tell you.  Most of the supplements on the market are garbage they do nothing because your body can’t absorb any of it.  Nutritional companies will also spend thousands of dollars on marketing there product so you the consumer believes that it is so great.  For example multi-vitamins that are pretty much useless are companies like One a DayCoral Calcium (made with calcium carbonate the cheapest form of calcium witch is chalk and if you eat chalk it comes out the other end looking like chalk meaning you didn’t absorb it), and Centrum, Juice Plus, there are tons of scams on the market to sell low quality multivitamins. 


Vemma is a very high quality liquid vitamin and mineral drink that you take first thing in the morning.  In a shot glass nevertheless, Vemma provides your body with green tree, aloe Vera, and tons of other essential minerals and vitamins.  This liquid vitamin packs a great taste and they have a guarantee that if you our knot 100% satisfied they will send your money back after you tried there Vemma nutritional product for a month.  Don’t hesitate to try this great tasting liquid shot full of vitamins and minerals.  An important factor with Vemma is that you will absorb practically all of these nutrients.  Nothing goes to waste like they do in all of your low quality multivitamins.  Vemma not only tastes great, but it’s a great product.



VEMMA Nutrition Program: Vemma a great tasting liquid vitamin

Other Great products that you can benefit tremendously on our these organic drinks that will work wonders for your body and health.


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