Neuro-Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP, is an approach used to understand how our perceptions are formed and to assist through specific therapeutic steps, with the redevelopment of the way in which a person perceives themselves and the world around them. At its core, NLP centers on the belief that language links with the body and mind to form perception. From that core specific steps have been formulated for the purpose of assisting people to change or redevelop how they perceive the world around them.


Why might someone elect to undergo NLP treatment? NLP can help with socially debilitating phobias; it can help a person overcome issues with self-confidence, helping one to become a better public speaker, even giving you more confidence with the opposite sex, or the same sex, depending upon your preferences; NLP helps with one’s personal growth, allowing you to achieve life goals that previously seemed unobtainable; it allows you to eliminate negative behaviors and thought processes; essentially NLP helps you to become a more effective human being, who is able to make decisions that will affect their life in a more positive manner.


Generally speaking, the NLP approach is a form of hypnosis which uses deep relaxation, regulated breathing, suggestive words, calming nonverbal cues, visual, audio, and other sensory stimuli, and active mental exercises to redevelop the process of perception.


Hypnosis has been in use in conjunction with other therapeutic treatments in treating the psychiatric population for many years. It has also made its way into mainstream society through licensed and unlicensed practitioners, materials such as books available to the public and “recommended” lists of videos on YouTube, thanks to a large number of views, often provided by companies such as The Marketing Heaven. Many of the books and videos on relaxation, meditation, regulated breathing, and positive thinking are good resource tools and are filled with information you can use to reduce the stress in your life.


Regrettably hypnosis is also featured in comedy routines at comedy clubs across the country. Comedians use the high suggestibility of some people to get them to perform funny things such as barking like a dog just to get a laugh. There is nothing wrong with comedy or humor. In fact there are health benefits associated with laughing and having a good sense of humor, but using hypnosis in comedy routines has only added to the skepticism that people have about what real hypnotism is and what hypnosis is truly intended for. Some people who have experienced hypnosis at comedy clubs report that they felt confused, embarrassed, and angry over discovering that they were the featured act for the night. There is nothing funny about that.


Receiving NLP treatment from a certified NLP practitioner is safe and has been shown to be helpful to a good many people in and outside the psychiatric community. Our perceptions control how we receive informational messages from other people and our surroundings. Our responses to those messages are also formed by our perceptions. By redeveloping perceptions so that the messages received are not received with an unnatural darkness to them, allows a clearer view of the world to emerge.


There are indicators that show that the redevelopment of individual perception is a valid medical and therapeutic practicum and process. Research studies have shown a direct correlation between perception and behavior. Perception has also been shown to have an impact on cognitive processes such as concentration, decision making and memory. The way that we perceive ourselves and the world that surrounds us is developed during childhood. Family and social environments and experiences encountered influence perception as it develops. Interactions through language, both the spoken and unspoken forms within our environment and our experiences also influence perception as it is developing.


If an abnormality exists within the messages being received from the surrounding environments and experiences encountered, there is a higher risk for an abnormality to develop with the process of perception. There are many things that can lead to the development of an abnormality in perception. Abuse, neglect, isolation, traumatic events, mixed messages between spoken and unspoken language, disorders affecting speech, vision, hearing, and touch, learning disabilities and chemical imbalances are just a few of them. Abnormalities in perceptions result in abnormal behaviors such as aggression, self-harming and suicidal tendencies, inappropriate responses to stimuli, poor social functioning, an inability to act to protect one’s self from danger, and other undesirable behaviors and responses to the surrounding environment and experiences encountered. Through NLP, even those with physical and emotional disorders can redevelop their process of perception.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a technique that is meant to help a person overcome obstacles, learning disabilities, and social and personal inadequacies. With the use of NLP, you can become more productive and reach your goals with just a bit of perseverance and determination. You can learn more about NLP and how this approach may help you with your negative perceptions so that you can see how wonderful your life really is.