New Research has Proven To Be Healthy for Your Hormones, Scientist have found out that actually just looking at chocolate elicits the health effects to just look at the chocolate, so the new research says the healthy benefits to look at chocolate are great not to eat it but just to look at it and it will get you your healthy benefits.

Ok sure most of you wont not eat chocolate and you don’t care about your health necessary when your eating chocolate, sure is it un healthy and may not be the best for you, but how about this…

Eat your chocolate, though choose Organic, Choose a healthy version of bad foods. Take charge of your life and choose to make the best choice, buy organic chocolate if your not going to not eat chocolate.

This goes with any food product that might not be healthy for you if you know your not going to necessary eat great foods, still choose organic.

So instead of eating ice cream eat organic ice cream, sure it’s still not good for you, but it’s the best choice if your going to eat bad anyway.

You want to enjoy or what you may think is treating yourself go organic, hell if your really committed to your health make your own organic ice cream, hell you might even be able to make it some what healthy.