Sunday morning was beautiful so I started off the mornining with a special day with some of my clients. We at personal power training first started the morning off making a healthy delicious breakfast of waffles fresh local blueberries and rasberrys and a bit of yogurt on the waffles. The waffles were made with organic brown rice flower, organic free range brown eggs, baking soda, and some stevia. So super healty and sooo scumdidlyumpcious. You really missed out. The grouped loved them so light and fluffy and were amazed how something so healthy could still taste so great. We all chatted for a bit to give us time to digest and then we got our bikes and hit the road. We took and easy ride up in north scottsdale on the trail with the sun shining down upon us simply beautiful. We hae some first timers and a pregnant one riding with us. Was a great fun ride next time hope 2 have more so
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