Make every child in America and Person for that matter who sits all day have to peddle a mini bike under their desk while at school or work. This will get them all to burn tons more calories, get their heart rate, and for the ADHD kids get their mind to focus more because they are able to release some energy as opposed to just sitting on their but bored out of their minds. Simple and effective, come on Obama why haven’t all the exercise physiologist or Dr’s out their though of this.  We wouldn’t have so many health problems if people did a bit more exercising and sat less.  So make it mandatory for every company every school to purchase mini bikes to ride why kids are in class or people are at work.  We are a smart nation though require children and people to have to peddle a certain number of miles during the work day or school day so we solve this obesity issue or at least slow it down by getting us all to move more.  Here’s to exercising and moving more and eating better. Let’s all make little changes to change the world together.

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