Marion Jones Olympic world sprinter…. damn as we all watched her a few Olympics ago tear down the straight away and blow everyone away in the 100 meter.
hell us professionals in the industry new what was going on why she won 4 metals and destroyed the competition.
it amazes me that society points the figure and blames these athletes, by no means do I think it’s right to use performance enhancing drugs.
though it’s been going on since the beginning of sports, athletes have used something and never cared about the cost to win.
We Demand these athletes to perform at such a high level each and every day, yet we need to say hey you can’t do this.. we wouldn’t watch sports if they cleaned up and rid every athlete of using sports enhancing substances.
face it people cheat to get the edge, they do what it takes to win for themselves and for the people watching, they want to be the best.
is it fair no, it’s not, neither is life… hell I wished it was a level playing field and no one used steroids or there drugs, though those athletes made the choice to cheat the system and use to be the best.. they know there tainted.. but wouldn’t you if you made millions more in your job.
Face it athletes have been using performance enhancing substances for a very long time.