Many of us abuse our bodies with poor food choices, tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, and a lack of adequate exercise. Most of the time we are not necessarily aware of just how much we are abusing our bodies when we engage in these behaviors, these have just become habits that we do without much thought to what they our doing to our health.


The junk that we put in our bodies with the low quality foods that we eat, as well as by smoking and drinking, floods our bodies with all sorts of toxins, and not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, along with a lack of regular exercise only exasperates the situation. What goes in must come out, and most liquid body wastes are expelled from the body through the bladder while solid wastes and some liquid wastes are expelled from the body through the colon.


Malicious bacteria, indigestible food particles, parasitic microbes, and other toxins that stagnate in the body because the volume of toxins is too great for the body to process properly, leads to a backup of toxic wastes in the colon, not to mention to a host of other physical maladies in the body. Toxins are poisonous and this is why it is important that they not remain in the body for long periods of time.


Eating right, getting enough sleep, and regular exercise are crucial to your overall health, and certainly you should not use tobacco products or drink alcohol in excess. However sometimes making these changes to your health are not always enough to combat the level of toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. A healthy body that is properly regulated will cause you to have a bowel movement, three or four times a day. If you are not having three to four daily bowel movements it is a strong sign that wastes are not being properly processed and moved through the colon for elimination. This can lead to a serious condition requiring medical treatment. Wastes that become lodged in the colon can cause impaction, severe pain, and disease. Should this happen, a doctor has to manually remove wastes from the colon which does carry some risks for the patient, as well as being an uncomfortable and embarrassing procedure.


Save yourself from having to endure a risky, painful and embarrassing procedure by cleansing your colon of wastes and toxins with a colon cleanse like Oxy Powder. There are three phases to cleansing the colon with this premium colon cleanse product. Phase one is an induction phase lasting seven days, in which your body becomes accustomed to the Oxy Powder for colon cleanse formula and colon cleansing starts. Phase two is an all systems go phase in which the Oxy Powder Cleanse is hard at work to eliminate toxins from the colon. Phase three is the "do not stop a good thing" phase, in which you revert back to the seven day Oxy Powder treatment from Phase one for the colon cleanse regimen that you began with, and you do so to keep toxins from continuously being removed from the colon.


You should be aware that when you first begin using Oxy Powder for a colon cleanse, your body will be unaccustomed to the formula and may well react with several bouts of loose stools and can also cause you to experience a more than usual amount of gas.  To ensure that all of the toxins have been fully cleansed from the body, experts strongly suggest that you cleanse the gallbladder and liver prior to cleansing the colon and then to follow up a colon cleanse with a parasite cleanse.   


Be kind to your body, it is the only one you get. Keep your body flushed of toxins and your body will be kind to you with all of the energy and health you need to do the things that you want to and live a longer and happier life.