7oz can red wild Salmon

1-2 tbspn Coconut Flour

2 eggs

3 protein scoops of Unsweet Shredded Coconut

Coconut cream


Coconut Oil



Set out 3 shallow dinner Bowls. Turn medium saucepan onto med-high w/ enough coconut oil to coat the entire bottom and then some.

Then Mix ingredients while heating.

Bowl 1: Mix drained can of Salmon, coconut Flour, 1 Egg and pepper in a bowl until you get a nice unwet consistency (add tiny amounts of coconut flour until satisfied).

Bowl 2: 1 raw egg beaten

Bowl 3: 3 Protein scoops of Unsweet Shredded Coconut

From Bowl 1 form Patties (I made 3 total), place each patty in the egg wash, turn over, then carefully place in Shredded coconut.

**Be careful – patties will fall apart – no worries, simply reshape then in your hands before you put into saucepan. Depending on the strength of your stove top – cook anywhere form 2-4 mins per side.

Once nicely browned to your liking, place onto plate and drizzle as much coconut cream as you wish.

*I should have taken the photo once the cream was soaked in but I was 1/4 of the way through eating and …it was too good to stop :) I garnished w/ pear slices.