3 organic egg whites

50-100g almond flour

2-3 table spoons of honey (until sweet)

2 flavoured tea bags

optional: vanilla or almond extract

some whole almonds

beat egg whites into a meringue (forming peaks)



Mix in the honey and flavorings

fold in or use food processor the almond flour until it’s slightly firm and shapable

put a whole almond on top to decorate

put onto baking sheet and cook for 12-20mins until cooked or starting to brown at 150C (maybe experiment with the heat, not sure if hotter or cooler is better, i did 170c last time)

better they are slightly undercooked

Finn: As Greg was away on his business trip doing…something with numbers I think, I had a bit of a play around when I made these.

I used flaked almonds instead of whole and accidentally dipped and coated them in melted cacao/dark chocolate,

I also had them in at 150C for slightly longer (30mins) until they were nice and brown.

Soft, delicious, great flavourings as well. And so  easy to make!