As much flap steak as you are going to eat

As much thawed frozen broccoli as you are going to eat

2 cloves garlic


Olive oil 



If you want, you can saute the broccoli with garlic, olive oil and S&P.

But, if you’re in a super rush or super tired, you can just throw the thawed broccoli right on the plate, and be super happy that you are still staying paleo :)

To saute broccoli, heat a small fry pan to medium heat, add garlic and cook for a couple minutes, then add broccoli, S&P and cook for a few minutes more

You can set this aside and wipe the pan for the steak, or if you’re kinda a big deal, you can cook both the broccoli and steak at the same time

For the steak, you’ll need to set a fry pan to med-high heat with just a drizzle of olive oil.

Add S&P to the steak and then throw it in the pan, cooking a couple minutes each side or til your desired doneness.

Enjoy with broccoli