1/2lb sirloin

6-8 shiitake mushrooms

1/4 white onioin

3 cloves garlic



Red pepper flakes

A few chivesĀ 

A few fennel seeds

Sesame seeds



Cut sirloin into very thin, bite-sized pieces

Remove stems from mushrooms and slice thinly

Slice white onion thinly

Finely dice chives

Mince garlic

Start large cast-iron pan with EVOO at med-high heat

Add steak, mushrooms, onion and garlic at the same time

Cook until vegetables and steak are done, around 6-8 minutes

Add S&P, red pepper flakes, a few fennel seeds and sesame seeds, and chives, saving a few chives for garnish

Stir in seasonings for around 30 seconds

Plate and garnish with chives, olive oil and red pepper flakes