1.5 lbs shaved steak

Large Onion, Sliced

8 oz Mushrooms

Bag of frozen Pepper strips {12 0z}

Seasoning of choice {I used Italian Seasoning}, Salt + Pepper

Coconut Oil

Scallions – Optional

Homemade Mayo – Optional but highly recommended 



Big Skillet drop some coconut oil in and get it melty. Toss in your sliced onions let those start to sweat.

Add in mushrooms, let those get to be friends with the onions, after they’ve cooked for like 5 minutes add in your peppers.

A few minutes before you’re ready to eat {depending on how much steak you have}

Toss in your steak and seasoning {to taste} and then boom it’s done.

I topped mine with some scallions {totally optional}. Yeah it was that easy and yummy!