2 Wild Caught Salmon Filets, dill

1/4 cup almond meal

5 pecans chopped, pinch of salt

4 zucchini

1/2 pound bacon

1/2 onion

2 cloves garlic 

TBSP chopped fresh rosemary

dash of cilantro, dash of marjoram

2 TBSP organic butter



I seasoned one piece of salmon with nothing but dill and sliced lemon, and the other I coated with a mixture of almond meal, chopped pecan and a tiny bit of salt.

I just put the coating in a bowl and rolled the fish onto it, sprinkling a bit more over the top of the fillet once it was in the roasting pan.

I lined the bottom of the roasting pan with a few leaves of swiss chard to keep the fish from sticking…makes a great garnish too! I covered the roasting pan with tin foil, vented it and baked it at 400 F for about 15 minutes while I cooked the noodles.

Taglietelle Carbonara

The taglietelle was slightly more involved. Zucchini noodles cut slightly differently this time.

I used a potato peeler and dug deep to create wide noodles.

With this method, you can’t really use the center of the veg so there is a bit of waste, but chopped up the leftover zucchini will do great in a salsa for paleo tacos!

Slice your zucchini noodles with the potato peeler and put in a bowl. Chop your bacon into bite sized bits, set aside. Dice your onion and mince your garlic.

Get your pan nice and hot and add the bacon. Once it starts to release its fat and sizzle nicely, add the onion and garlic stirring often. Turn the heat down to about medium so that the garlic doesn’t burn.

After a few minutes add your herbs and let them cook together for about 5 minutes.

Just before you’re ready to add the zucchini, toss in the butter to give it a bit more ‘sauce’ and a nice flavor. If you have ghee you can use that too to add a richness that would just be lovely.

Toss the noodles in and add a bit more heat while they saute for about 3-6 minutes.

Don’t overcook the zucchini as it gets soggy.

Plate, serve and enjoy…