8oz piece tuna

Baby greens

White onions or shallots




Sea salt  

Red pepper corns




Bring a fry pan with EVOO to very high heat, so the oil begins to smoke

Cook tuna around 30 seconds on each of all four sides. This is called searing and the idea is to get color and flavor on each side but leave the inside raw

Sprinkle sea salt all over fish and place in fridge to cool

Toppings & Presentation

Place a large splash of balsamic in a small sauce pot on low heat to reduce

Bring small sauce pan with around 1/4 inch of EVOO to low heat, while coming to temp, peel 4 cloves of garlic

Place garlic cloves in hot oil and deep fry for around 3-4 minutes, remove and place on paper towel

Turn off heat on balsamic

Finely mince white onions or shallots

Slice fried garlic

Remove tuna from fridge and slice into bite-sized pieces

Arrange tuna, onions/shallots/garlic and capers on plate

Sprinkle EVOO and balsamic over top

Garnish with red peppers corns and baby greens

Wine Pairing

White: a more acidic white such as a Chablis or Sancerre

Red: a lower tannin red such as a Beaujolais, served chilled