Most people are unaware of the fact that over 80% of the human population is harboring parasites inside of their bodies. Of the 20% who are aware of the high likelihood that they have internal parasites, they either assume nothing can be done to rid the parasites from their body or they quickly brush off thoughts of having parasites aside out of fear and disgust.


Although denying that many of us are now harboring parasites in our bodies does not solve the problem, it is understandable why we might try to ignore the existence of human parasitic infestations. It is scary and downright gross to imagine that we have dirty little bugs living inside of us. Parasites can cause constipation or diarrhea, stomach aches, digestive disturbances, and other intestinal and internal illnesses. Parasites also weaken our immune systems, making us more susceptible to sickness, although we do not often readily attribute our sicknesses to the root problem of parasites in our body. Parasites can live in our bodies and siphon our energy and health, reducing our life spans, while never being detected because low energy and many other illnesses are often blamed on other things.


How do parasites get into our bodies in the first place? Parasites are present in many of the foods we eat and are simply introduced into the body through eating those foods. Parasites are also present in the air we breathe and enter the body through the nose and mouth when we inhale. Parasites are present in drinking water and also in brooks, lakes, rivers, and oceans, and we either swallow them while drinking or introduce them into the body by touching our eyes, nose, or mouth with the parasites on our hands. Parasites can be on the surface of the skin and passed from person to person through hand shaking and the sharing of contaminated items. Parasites also live in the fur and on the skin of pets and are transferred to us when we pet and play with our cats and dogs.


Parasites can suppress the immune system so severely that cancers, organ disorders, and other deadly diseases have a greater chance of developing. To avoid the intestinal and internal disturbances, illnesses and possibly life threatening affects of harboring parasites, you should cleanse them from your body. Parasite cleansing is a multiple step process that should be done at least twice a year. For the greatest health benefit and a way to prolong of your life, you should consider cleansing your body of parasites every few days.


Para Buster is a superior parasite cleansing product that flushes parasites from your body, improving your resistance to illness, increasing your energy levels, encouraging smooth digestion and elimination processes, regulating your moods and providing comprehensive health, combined with a longer life. Para Buster is a six week parasite cleanse in which you take three Para Buster capsules with your morning meal and three Para Buster capsules with your evening meal. It is suggested that you perform this six week parasite cleanse at least twice a year, more often for greater health benefits and prolonged, quality living. Why does it take six weeks to cleanse your body of parasites, because fully developed parasites are killed off quickly by parasite cleansers such as Para Buster, however still developing parasitic microbes take longer to destroy and remove from the body.


It is highly recommended that in addition to undergoing the six week Para Buster parasite cleanse twice a year, that you should also consider using Para Buster to cleanse your body of parasites every few days. Taking 3 Para Buster capsules with your evening meal or before going to bed every other day or so will eliminate any new parasites you come into contact with before they can become internal infestations that compromise your health.


Health exerts are also now recommending that you routinely cleanse your gallbladder, liver, kidneys, intestinal tract, bladder and colon with cleansers designed for that purpose in conjunction with a parasite cleanse in order to rid the entire body of parasites, harmful bacteria and toxins for the greatest benefit in overall health.