In weight training, periodization is the practice of varying the training regimen at regular intervals to bring about optimal results for the trainee. Proven benefits of periodization include improved muscular endurance, strength and power, enhanced motor performance, and increased muscle mass. Periodization works for short training durations, like weeks or months, as well as long periods of time like years, or the length of an athlete’s career.

By incorporating periodization into his/her training regimen, an athlete can pre-arrange their peak performance for a specific point in time, like a major fitness competition. The same process can be applied with equal success by an amateur athlete or fitness trainee. The fact is, periodization will help you achieve maximal results in the shortest amount of time.

Numerous variables can be adjusted to optimize an exercise program:

  • number of different specific exercises
  • number of sets per exercise
  • number of reps per set
  • types of exercises
  • rest periods between sets
  • level of resistance
  • type and tempo of muscle movement
  • number of training sessions per week

With regard to these variables, it is volume and intensity, specifically, that are adjusted in a periodization training program.

Intensity refers to the level of difficulty involved in performing each activity (I.e., how heavy you lift); volume refers to the number exercises, sets, and reps performed during a single session. These variables are mutually conflicting, in that the muscle only has so much strength and endurance, and takes time to recover. As a result, increasing volume by any significant amount necessitates decreasing the intensity, and vice-versa.

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